A creative agency that builds awesome stuff all day, every day.

Small and Mighty – F5 is surprisingly refreshing!

Big agency mentality means high prices, wasted expenses, slow response rates, and a loss of the creative essence that comes from collaborating with your client.  We prefer that our designers, developers, and videographers work directly with our clients – building relationships, and making sure they are ecstatic with their product.

F5 is not just another small agency – it is a community of professionals with one goal in mind – YOU. Our community is made up of project managers, artists, developers, videographers, and photographers that all agree that there is nothing wrong with a little elbow grease, sweat, and hard work to get a job done.

You may be wondering what makes us so special. Well, we are glad you asked!


Truly Custom

Custom doesn’t mean expensive. And we never ask you to pick from templates. In fact, we don’t even think about the design until we get to know you and your vision. For everyone here – there is no other way to do it (unless we were psychic!) Be aware of agencies that show pretty pictures before knowing your needs.

Completely Dynamic

We want to make the website – then let YOU drive. Our designers are experts in web design and our developers create websites that grow and change with your business needs. All of our sites come with a CMS. You will never be stuck needing us to make simple changes to YOUR site.

Dramatically Lower Costs

We love to build our sites using WordPress or the LAMP solution stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). Why? Because it’s free, open source software. What does this mean to you? Costs are lower and you will never have monthly fees. Once we build your site, it is yours to do with as you wish. No fine print.

Always Cutting Edge

We feel it’s important to always design and develop using the most current methodologies and technologies. It is one of our top priorities to stay aware of the up and coming trends. Because of this, we make sure to dedicate time to just that – studying! We make sure we are ready to meet the challenges of emerging technology so YOU stay ahead of the curve.

Tell us a little about your project, we’ll take a look and follow up by phone or email as soon as possible.

Ball is in your court!

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